27th July 2014


Didn’t stick the landing but excellent recovery

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27th July 2014
  • straight couple:

    *make out in public at random intervals in weird places*

  • straight couple:

    *grabs each other's asses in public*

  • straight couple:

    *are not in any way inconspicuous about the fact that they are feeling each other up in public*

  • gay couple:

    *holds hands in public*

  • straight people:

    that is VILE and it is CORRUPTING my entire FAMILY. my grandmother is crying. my children have all shit their pants at the same time. WHO WILL THINK OF THE CHILDREN

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I'm Jay.

They/them pronouns please.

This is a gross blog with mostly funny things, some feminism/gender stuff, fandoms, pretty things, and occasional nsfw. If you need anything tagged please let me know what you need tagged and what i should tag it, I'm not always great about it but I will definitely let you know if i think I might mess up. I post a lot people or drawings of people so if you have scopophobia and need these things tagged it would be best if you didnt follow me. (I would need to tag so much and i just know i would forget and i dont want you to suffer for my lazyness) I'm part of the nonbinary nerd squad

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